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Feeling lazy ?

Dernière mise à jour : 25 mai 2020

How to prepare a super fast pure butter shortcrust dough without getting your hands dirty and thus banish ready-to-eat dough from your fridge forever.

A very simple technique

Just place all the ingredients in a plastic or glass food storage container. Close the lid and shake everything very vigorously. The dough only has to be spread between two sheets of baking paper and that's it!

The recipe

For a small dough you'll need:

  • 125 gr flour

  • 2 pinches of salt

  • 50 gr melted butter

  • 50 ml of hot water

Put all the ingredients in the given order in a tightly closed box with a solid lid. Shake vigorously. Form a ball with the dough and place it on a sheet of baking paper. Cover it with a second sheet and spread it starting with your hands and then with a rolling pin.

And you're done.

This dough can be used either for a savory or sweet pie by adding ingredients such as Provence herbs, vanilla sugar, poppy seeds, ground curry, lemon zests...
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